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10 Things You’ll love about Living in the East Valley

Are you moving to the East Valley and want to know more about this area of the Phoenix metro? I’ve lived in the east valley for most of my life and know the good, the bad and the ugly about this amazing metro. Check out this video below where I show you the perks of living here. I will go into details about why so many people have decided to make this place home. Stick around till the end to learn my favorite activity and places to see in the East Valley.

#10 The Sunshine – Although our official nickname is the Grand Canyon State we are often also called the Sunny State of Arizona- yea , Florida stole the title but facts point to us as the legitimate Sunnier state according to the National Weather Service. We do have sunshine most days…to be more specific around 300 days of sunshine per year, Plus here in the valley we don’t get snow, hurricanes or earthquakes, although we do have a monsoon season which can bring high speed winds but most of the time the casualties are minimal. The Phoenix Metro area is located in the Sonoran desert and our summers are hot but our winter temperatures are mild compared to other states.

#9- Opportunity for outdoor sports – hiking , biking, fishing, boating, kayaking are all hobbies that you can enjoy in our desert terrain. – The iconic Camelback Mountain and Tonto National park are popular destinations for outdoor enthusiasts. There are endless opportunities for amazing views and areas to enjoy your recreational activities outdoors.

But if your activities of choice are

#8 the sports scene – Arizona boasts several state-of-the-art spring training facilities.The Cactus league teams do their spring training here because of our amazing weather in Spring.
Golfers flock to our state during the late winter for the Phoenix Open but of course you can golf in Arizona year round. Other Notable sports teams are the Suns and the Cardinals and we even have a hockey team.

#7 – If driving is more your vibe Our freeway systems are amazing we even have a dedicated magazine featuring our highways -Specifically in the East Valley I might be biased but driving out here is so effortless. Our freeway infrastructure and the grid system that our main roads are built on make for an easy and efficient experience.
We have a saying that you could be anywhere in the Valley in 20 minutes. This is most likely true if you live near a freeway and are traveling in the HOV lane.
Maricopa county has invested in the construction and maintenance of infrastructure, the cities have budgeted to maintaining roads, and a grow the public transportation system,

#6 We have diversity in homes and communities Want a city and lifestyle that aligns best for you? Don’t worry we have neighborhoods for all. Want Luxury? We have that. Looking for historic? We gotchu… is a Ranchette more your style ? yup! Modern Condo? Yes, gotcha What I’m trying to say is…. that in all tastes we can deliver. You just need to ask!! And yes of course we do have Affordable Housing: Compared to many other major metropolitan areas in the United States, Phoenix has a relatively lower cost of living, especially when it comes to housing. This affordability can be a significant factor for transplants searching for more bang for their buck from many different parts of the country. There are many reasons we have become a hubspot for people relocating but ONE big reason is people are wanting to take advantage of affordable housing and rental prices.

My top 5 reasons include

The City of Tempe and Gilbert have both been named City of the Future, in perspective lists. and because Tempe is a young and vibrant University spot we are attracting more and more innovation.

#5 – Tech hub spot
We have many employers and start up tech companies making this metro their beta testing ground. These companies see the growth taking place in our cities and want to take full advantage of this marketplace. Big heavy hitters like Amazon, Facebook “Meta” and the various semi conductor or “chip” companies are making this state home. We have emerged in many lists as a city of the future…. with examples like Google testing its autonomous vehicle (Waymo) in the Phoenix area, leveraging the region’s easy driving conditions. Phoenix has a growing and diverse economy, offering job opportunities in not just tech but various industries, healthcare, finance, and manufacturing .This is both good for our state’s economy and improves the health in opportunity for our residents.

# 3 Cultural Scene: WE have a vibrant cultural scene with numerous museums, art galleries, theaters, and music venues. The valley hosts various cultural events, festivals, and concerts throughout the year. There is no shortage of public art installations and murals. These outdoor artworks contribute to the cultural identity of the community and can be found in various neighborhoods.Scottsdale and Tempe Festival of the Arts, and lets not forget the rich Native American heritage history, art markets and events .

  • Sunsets 
  • Taxes

No. 1 Reason - Has to be the Food

We have so many unique mom and pop restaurants in the East Valley. This in part to the age of our cities, we have a collection of amazing cuisine from all around the world. We are a literal melting pot of cultures, with a diverse population. The food scene in the phoenix metro has grown in the last few decades with restaurants and bars themed and curated with unique atmosphere and delectable offerings. From drive through style to high end 5 star restaurants we truly have something for all. With ample opportunity for new and old cuisine that fuse styles like Mexican and Asian, Greek – American and of course comfort foods . You will not get bored restaurant hopping here in the Valley!!

  1. Bosa Donut 
  2. Pho AZ
  3. Tacos Chiwas
  4. Maple and Ash

Now that you know my 10 ten reasons I think you’ll love living in the East Valley you may also be interested in taking a deeper look at each city in the East Valley. Check out this section  at where I do a deeper dive into the pros and cons of life in the cities of Tempe, Chandler, and Mesa East and Central and Queen Creek and Gilbert.

I go into details about the hidden perks and peeves of each cities lifestyle. Of course if you have any questions at all about anything related to real estate in the Valley please don’t hesitate to reach out.

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