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Deciding to become a homeowner

It’s fun, its exciting but it’s also very stressful ! but… I am here to guide you through this process. There might be bumps along the way but you have the destination in mind I’ll help you get there.

Here’s what they had to say…

“Blanca will help you find the home you love and make the process simple and fun. As a first time homebuyer there is SO much to know and understand and I was at ease the whole time I was working with her. She was immediate when I asked questions, extremely responsive and so calm while I was feeling anxious and nervous. She just gets it. I’m so grateful my boyfriend and I were able to find our home !

– Leah Srery (Buyer)

how it works...



Here is where we get to know each other. Set expectations and provide the needed info we both will need to connect with each other.

The mortgage application

During this step you will have your credit checked, assets disclosed and be approved to start shopping. You can choose your lender OR I can provide a few options

Tours and Offers

Once we know the desired price range we can narrow down homes that fit your checklist.  We can start writing offers when we find one that works for your wants and needs.

Due Diligence

After our offer is accepted we will move into the transaction phase of the journey. This is when we open escrow, order the inspections and appraisal. I'll be available to answer all your questions

Closing date

The finish line! One of the most exciting moments of our journey is  signing all the loan documents monies are exchanged and title records the purchase. Once all this takes place I'll be providing you the keys to your home!

Opening doors and closing escrows…

What makes working with me different?

Set Up a No Obligation
property Search

If you are tired of Zillow showing you homes that are already under-contract shoot me a message. Us Realtors are still the best option if you want to have the most up to the minute data though the Multiple Listing Service (MLS).  Want access? … just fill this out >>>

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About Buying Real Estate in the East Valley

A home or house is a place of residence but it can also be used as a way to store value. In the past 10 years the real estate market has for the most part increased in value. Some types of real estate are more likely to retain value than others. Real estate should not be speculative and  please always consult with your advisors to keep you investment strategy aligned. 

Should you invest in a home that you will live and enjoy for years to come. A structure that can also be a tax-haven as well as an asset that can be passed down from generation to generation. YES!! or you can invest in Beanie babies I hear those are making a come back…

This question is thought provoking because to determine value we have to ask more questions: What is value to you? If we are looking only at the structure itself an appraiser might diminish value as the home deteriorates with the elements with time that’s inevitable. On the other hand, if you are looking at the home from a community perspective and infrastructure around this older home is established and accessible this could increase the home’s value to a buyer. Good Value can also be described as tried and true. Old homes could potentially have some elements like A/C unit roof or water heater that need to be updated . This can cost more money down the road but if these components where maintained or serviced by the previous homeowner regularly then they might still have a lot of life left. When purchasing New Construction sometimes there is a false belief that these homes are free of errors and all components will work with no issue. In real estate there will always be some risk.  Always order a home inspection when purchasing a home!!! This goes for new or older homes. This will address the issues that might come up later on and will be a tool to assess the value of the homes as well as health of systems within the home . An inspection can provide needed information to determine if the home is of fair value to you! 

A Broker is my Boss. Sometimes this word gets replaced by the general public for agent or Realtor but In Arizona a realtor or real estate agent must be working under a Brokerage in order to represent clients. There can be agents that are also brokers which makes it more confusing I know. A real estate agent is a professional who represents sellers or buyers of real estate or real property. My brokerage is Realty One when a client signs a contract with me the broker has his wings over the client and I as the Broker. When you sign a contract to allow me to represent you as a buyer and or seller we will go further into details about what my duties and legalities are. 

This is usually done through title you will be paying for pro-rated taxes depending on time of year the home is bought, and insurance is ordered for the home along with the mortgage.  A list of items that the seller and the buyer pay will be responsible for will be provided during escrow.

The application process is a 20 minute conversation where the Mortgage Lender determines assets to credit ratios. Once that is green-lighted, you will move to delivering documentation. This can take a long time or be quick depending on how organized and tech savvy you and your lender are. The actual Mortgage loan approval and close is usually a 30 day process because in that time there are timelines that the agent and lender must meet like inspections,  appraisal and title disclosure requirements.

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