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Mesa Historical District - Central Mesa

The history of Mesa dates back at least 2,000 years.  Pioneers in the 1870s traveled from the Utah and Eastern part of the country and settled here in the rich desert soil in hopes to be able to farm. They dug irrigation canals and used some of the original Hohokam canals which allowed farmers sustain crops in the tough desert terrain. Later on with the opening of Falcon Field and Williams Field in the early 1940s, more military personnel began to move into the Mesa area. With the invention of air conditioning and the rise of tourism, population growth exploded in Mesa as well as the rest of the Phoenix area. Industries like aerospace, and refrigeration grew in the 1950s and 1960s increasing the growth in this area. Modern day mesa has since shifted away from farming and is considered a suburb with a traditional feel.

Since Mesa is one of the largest sub areas of the Phoenix Metro– we like to divide it into thirds. When speaking in regards to Mesa , you will often hear it described as Central Mesa, North Mesa, and East Mesa. 

Within the Central Corridor of Mesa you will find many of the original buildings and Historical neighborhoods. Similarly other important and iconic Neighborhoods near the Pioneer and Downtown historic district which are gaining more popularity with renovation projects the city of mesa has had over the last decade.

Fun Facts: Mesa has quickly become a spring training headquarters for a few teams around the country. Sloan Park for the Chicago Cubs. Hohokam Stadium for the Oakland A’s, as well as the Cactus League training stadium where many teams practice during off season the Brewers, Dodgers, White sox are just a few examples.

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Location of Historical Mesa

The whole city of Mesa is one of the largest cities in the Phoenix Metro area. Expanded over 171 sq miles, Mesa is East of the 101 freeway, hugged by the 202 north and south phase. The most southern corner is west of Meridian and Power, but north of Pecos Rd. When we break up mesa into east and west we are usually referencing either East or West of Lindsey Rd.

Why You'll LOVE it:

Why You'll HATE it:

Reason 1

Rich Historic and beautiful Historic district with lots of mature trees and  unique architecture.

Reason 1

Tons of Construction and re-development which is mostly good but also can cause traffic or longer drive times

Reason 2

Art and Music , The Mesa art center has classes for the community as well as 3 theatres for performances and host many events throughout the year for Mesa residents .

Reason 2

Due to the city’s History and long decades of expansion. Some of the communities and zoning is -for a lack of a better word “wonky” When it comes to aesthetics in some cases communities can tend to lack cohesion in design.

Reason 3

Homes in Mesa are not one size fits all. Communities within the Mesa area range in age size and price range.

Reason 3

Not all communities are for an HOA, which can be a good thing and sometimes not so much.

Reason 4

Light rail connecting that travels from Phoenix to Tempe and Mesa area.

Reason 4

Mesa has far outgrown its humble beginnings. If you are looking looking for a small town feel Mesa might be too big.

Reason 5

Mesa is hugged by the 202 and the 60 Freeways. Main street was the Old freeway before the addition of these and the city is designed on a grid system.

Reason 5

… how big the City of Mesa is, it might feel like 4 different cities in one.

Home Styles In Central Mesa

Take a look around, or better yet let me show you a few homes.


Historic Style

Along Main street and the surrounding area, we can find homes that are truly unique in architecture and design. Pioneers arrived in Mesa in the 1840’s and while most of the homes are now modernized, we can still find homes downtown that have withstood the test of time. Here you can find a mix of Victorian Era style homes, Mission revival and Colonial Revival homes just to name a few.


Ranch Style

Ranch style homes are single-story houses commonly built with an open-concept layouts and a devoted patio space lots of yard. These homes often feature long, low-pitch rooflines and large windows along the front of the house. The shape of a ranch style house can vary but for the most part they look something like this <<—


Spanish Colonial Style

Original to the southwest region. It just makes sense that this  architectural style will stand the test of time in our city landscape. Unique to this style are flat plastered walls, prominent wood accents, rounded corners and often arched windows or doorways. Natural tones of clay, browns and fresch creams are used for these facades.  

Mesa Schools

Below you will find links to the Public schools and the charter schools in Central Mesa.

Click here to see what school corresponds to your Mesa address.

This is a Charter school it is tuition free. At Legacy Traditional they teach students from K-6th grade.

Geared for creating character. Teaches 7th to 12 grade. Heritage is the only school in our list that has Friday’s off!!

The following Jr high schools in me Mesa Public schools for this area are 

The 4 High Schools in the Central Mesa are

  • Mesa High School
  • Westwood High
  • Mountain View High
  • Dobson to the south

Places of Interest

Baseball fans, art lovers, and the outdoorsy types have a place to call home in Mesa.

Mesa Art Center

This beautifully designed center and auditorium is also a hub for the community to experience arts like glass blowing, dance classes, photography, ceramics and many more styles. Throughout the year the center showcases events that are interactive and of course the many plays and shows. Definitely take a look and visit.

For baseball Fans Mesa is home of Sloan Park where the  Cubs train in spring and the Athletetics have Hohokam Stadium also located in Mesa.

Here you can walk down memory lane at the History Museum , experience exciting cuisine and breweries and admire the architecture Mesa.

Mesa Parks and Recreation has a list of public parks, public pools and splash pads available to all residents.

From Plants to antique stores, Mesa has plenty of fun and unique shops like Gotham City Comics, Buckhorn Vintage and Four Peaks Archery ,

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