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Crispy Cones in Downtown Chandler

We were in downtown Chandler this weekend having dinner at The Perch and after dinner we decided we needed a little something sweet to end the night. After a quick google map search we came across Crispy Cones and determined it was just a quick 2 minute walk from where we were and headed that way.

I honestly had never heard about crispy cones before that day but as it turns out the owner went on Shark Tank to sell his cone idea to the Sharks how Cool! You can read about their Shark Tank story over here.

What was our impression


Don’t mind my goofy smile.  

I ordered the Traditional cone with the biscoff spread inside . The soft serve was the twist: vanilla/ half chocolate. Added strawberries and caramel on top. 

It was good but it was messy!  

Would I recommend ?

I am not a lover of Ice cream, I’ll have it if I am with a group and it’s what everyone else craving. My sweet tooth tends to lean more towards cookies or cheesecakes. I would still recommend here is why

  1. The cones were something different and that is worth a sample – they were soft and the taste reminded me a little of churros but without the crunch.
  2. The soft serve was basic but I was please that they had options to add.
  3. Toppings: My all time favorite Biscoff, and other options like peanut butter spread and nutella 
  4. The atmosphere: it might be a realtor thing but if the inside of a building is not inviting then I usually want to get my food and go. It was cute inside, I like the colors their finishes and the way the cone icon was used in their decor. They do have a water machine that was too high tech for us . There was a few times where we had a cup of water we were trying to fill and it took us a minute or 2 to understand how to turn it on – then we thought was going to overflow but didn’t !
Overall we had a good experience at the Crispy Cone. Would eat there again!

There are 2 locations in the East Valley. The one we visited is in Chandler:

180 S. Arizona Avenue,
Chandler, Arizona 85225


The Other is in Tempe :

420 South Mill Avenue, Suite 107,
Tempe, Arizona 85281

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