First Impressions Count

This applies to houses too

Making a good first impression is taught to us young. Sometimes we forget or need a refresh that this is also important during the time that your house is listed for sale. 

The preparation for the most optimal listing on day one actually begins weeks or months in advance if we have that luxury. 

don't go at it alone

Sometimes owners try it alone first just to test the market. They plop a for sale by owner sign in their front yard and see if they can catch any buyers that way. How hard could it be right?!! 

The reality is buyers aren’t driving around neighborhoods looking for houses this way these days. If they are local they are most likely online and  if they are relocating here is no possible way for these buyers to ever see your listing even with a facebook link or private website they are not going to see your advertisement. That’s just the first part – The second problem in this scenario is the people who do make it their full time job to find these listings are you guessed it Investors and Realtors. You are most likely going to be reached by one of these 2 callers before you reach any of your target audience. Which can lead to disappointment and then frustration as the owner. By the time owners actually pick an agent to list the house you have already made an impression on the neighbors. 

The importance of a first impression for a listed for sale home cannot be underestimated. In a highly competitive real estate market, where buyers have numerous options, making a positive and lasting first impression is essential for attracting potential buyers and ultimately having a successful sale. From the curb appeal to the interior presentation and ambiance, every aspect of a home should be carefully considered. The goal should be to be a consideration for most buyers from the moment they encounter it. A strong first impression sets the stage for a successful real estate transaction and can significantly impact the sale price and timeline, making it a vital aspect of the selling process.

Here are my top 5 tips for having a successful listing launch 

  • Consult with your preferred realtor before doing any big renovations – doing too little or too much in a neighborhood that doesn’t have the appetite for a specific taste or design style can actually narrow down your buyer pool even more.
  • Have the home professionally cleaned and staged prior to Professional photography day.
  •  Allow natural light to enter the home during photos and for the showings
  • Declutter your home of very personal family photos and/or religious decorations. Remember the photos of the listing will be public and anything that you might later want to be removed from the internet might not be possible. 
  • Fresh coat of paint. You are trying to cast your net far and wide for buyers and that is why agents usually recommend going for neutrals and common wall colors as well as decorating in a plain style as to not distract the buyers.
  • Smells! Even if the home is gorgeous and photographed perfectly nothing can be more of a deterrent than funky smells! This doesn’t just apply to smoke, pet or smells or foods which are the most common culprits- if hard chemicals are used for cleaning carpets or ovens etc. and these smells linger buyers start to get confused or annoyed. They feel catfished by the pretty house on the internet that is just not going to work for them because it smells. They start thinking the house smell is permanent to the house and that is not one they will pick. Always do a sniff test before you allow showings and either air out the house with fans or light spray or mild candles prior to the showing.

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