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Mrs. Potts Magical Moments

Nothing is more magical than make believe , tea parties, and getting the full princess treatment! As a mom of a girl who is at that awkward phase. The one where you are not considered little little and also not yet a teenager. I was so impressed that my little lady was able to fully embrace the event that grandma threw for this set of cousins! In this day and age where ten year old girls are scribbling “Drunk Elephant” on their Christmas list for Santa, it was so refreshing that good ol’ play pretend, a floofy dress and some fruit juice labeled tea allowed these young ladies the opportunity to fully engulf themselves in the magic of tea party-ing! I mean of course having the really gorgeous Real Elsa read and sing right at the gala certainly helped draw them all in !

The concept is simple, you invite a set of little girls anywhere from ages 3 – to adults. I’m serious they do bridal showers too and head to Mrs Potts Tea Party. The patrons are full on character from beginning to end. They take the princesses in training and begin the transformation right away. Depending on the package the Princess (in our case Elsa) can read a story to the girls, while emphasizing the proper way to ask for more tea or how to politely decline more sandwiches. She also did a step by step on how to remove gloves before eating just like a lady. 

Princess for a Day - a lifetime of memories

I do have to mention this tea party event was orchestrated by my wonderful mother in law She is on a mission to create lifelong friendships for these cousin bunch as well as provide the environment to create memories that are well… memorable. I had never heard of this shabby little place but I was teary eyed seeing the girls all dressed up participating in their tea party. I love to support small businesses and so glad we were introduced to this cute and playful gathering place. 


If you are interested in booking your own tea party or wondering about other types of Party Themes offered at Mrs Potts . 

When I was in my early 20s I had a collection of Tea Pots.  Something about looking and our little girls enjoying themselves while Pouring Tea in the literal way.  Not that gossipy saying the children have come up with. Anyway – The vintage vibe that this quaint little shop has is so unique. You know it just allows you to slow down and enjoy.

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