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Queen Creek

Originally founded as a farming and railroad hub, Queen Creek, Arizona, has undergone a remarkable transformation into a thriving suburb. Despite its rapid growth, the town has retains an enchanting and genuine small-town atmosphere.  Queen Creek is a testament to harmonious evolution.  

Set against the breathtaking backdrop of the San Tan Mountains and graced by the meandering Queen Creek Wash, the town’s natural landmarks that contribute to its one-of-a-kind character. For a taste of seasonal delights and a glimpse into the area’s rich agricultural heritage, a visit to Schnep Farm is a must. Whether exploring the farm’s holiday festivities or hand-selecting ripe peaches and squash during their respective seasons, Queen Creek offers an array of authentic experiences for all to savor.

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Location of Queen Creek

The city begins south of Pecos Rd. along Ellsworth Rd. Rittenhouse divides the city diagonally from Ellsworth reaching the southern most street, Empire. It extends south to its neighbor San Tan Valley

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Reason 1

Residents enjoy the tranquility of a small town while having easy access to nearby cities in the Phoenix/Metro.

Reason 1

Residents might need to commute to nearby cities for employment. Traffic getting into the town can lead to longer commute times.

Reason 2

Queen Creek offers stunning views and ample outdoor recreational opportunities. Hiking, biking, and exploring the desert landscape are popular pastimes

Reason 2

Queen Creek lacks a wide range of urban amenities commonly found in larger cities, potentially resulting in limited shopping, dining, and entertainment options for residents.

Reason 3

The questrian character is a unique draw. With riding trails, equestrian centers, and a strong horse culture, it’s a paradise for horse enthusiasts and riders.

Reason 3

Limited public transportation options. This can be a challenge for individuals who prefer or rely on public transit for commuting.

Reason 4

The town hosts a variety of events throughout the year, fostering a strong sense of community. Festivals, farmers’ markets, holiday celebrations, and cultural gatherings bring residents together.

Reason 4

While water quality issues have been addressed through strategic planning of infrastructure improvements. Secure water supply for the town’s residents and future growth can be of concern.


Reason 5

Queen Creek maintains its agricultural roots. Farmers’ markets, u-pick farms, and local produce stands allow residents to connect with the land and support local businesses

Reason 5

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Home Styles In Queen Creek

A modern farm town in the desert, this little nook of the East Valley has a hometown feel.


Modern Farmhouse

This style of home for queen creek is more than a fad, these homes are traditional and a lifestyle. With their cozy wooden details, shiplap, subway tile and open concept a modern staple. Popular subdivisions include

  •  Queen Creek Ranchettes
  • Langley Gateway Estates
  • Queen Creek Pecans
  • Monteluna


Horse Property

If Equestrian or a home with some land is your style there will be plenty of options in Queen Creek. The Ranchette or Estates in this area have features like large area of land, horse barn, stables. Communities include:

  • La Princesa Ranchitos
  • Orchard Ranchettes
  • Homes around San Tan Blvd & Sossaman


Affordable homes

It’s a not surprise that the cost of living in rural or suburban areas is generally lower, which can translate into lower construction costs, property taxes, and other associated expenses. The farther out you venture the more likely it is to find affordability without compromising quality. When you live in the city you are in someways paying for convenience. For those looking for larger homes at a comfortable price-point looking at options in this or more rural towns could be favorable for your wallet .


The town of Queen Creek is served by six public school districts, links to the districts are available below

Serving approximately 14,000 preschool through twelfth-grade students in the area. To learn more about the people and programs that make Queen Creek Unified School District here


To view and learn more about the school in this district click here

This school district serves residents along the San tan Valley area 

Check out these schools here

Places of Interest

The farm heritage and history of this Town is expressed in its homes and communities.

This family operated huge farm is a Queen Creek Icon! They host an amazing pumpkin patch festival and also a Christmas celebration! Petting zoo, rides, entertainment and food. If you haven’t visited the farm yet add it to your to-do list for the fall or winter so much fun for all ages!!

A family owned company that grows and presses olives for the production of high quality extra virgin; it was featured on the Food Network show The Best Thing I Ever Ate

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Downtown Queen Creeks

Check it out here

The publicly owned and operated equestrian facility hosts regional events.

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