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Top 5 Family Friendly Neighborhoods and amenities in the East Valley

If you’re on the hunt for the perfect family tailored community in the East Valley where everyone from young to old can feel at home. I have the top 5 areas that offer something for everyone in your family including your dogs !!

These communities and neighborhoods are located in the Phoenix Metro – Gilbert, Queen Creek ,and East Mesa. Watch if you are relocating here and have kids, dogs or are looking for a community that has many parks and a fun community feel


To start of our tour of the most family-friendly communities, where every detail is designed with your family in mind.
Located in the East Mesa area close to the 202 and 24 rt exit this community is relatively new , the Eastmark Master planned community is a hit with families as it offers a little of everything.

Imagine living in a community that feels tailored to your needs at this stage in your life – with modern community amenities that you actually want to use and activities for all ages. Its first homes popped up around 2013 so it’s a relatively new community but the growth and development around this area has really exploded. As far as amenities go there is a skating park, fishing lakes, a ton of playgrounds, a community garden from Steadfast farms and where residents can purchase fresh greens from the neighborhood market, many sports recreational fields like softball and soccer fields within the community.

While on their website I also saw there is park 18-HOLE DISC GOLF which is unique

Some of the things that the community calendar is know for is the following:

Annual, community-wide traditions like Eastmark’s Celebration of Freedom, A Very Scary Carnival and A Very Merry Eastmark are celebrations that set the seasonal rhythm for the community. There is a pavilion where there are concerts throughout the year Our First Friday Concert Series at the Event Pavilion at The Eastmark Great Park has become an East Valley favorite that draws crowds from neighboring communities.

Power Ranch

As parents we are looking for a place were we can feel secure that our kids can visit the park with Safety and comfort in mind. These neighborhoods feature well-maintained homes and friendly neighbor streets, perfect for bike rides and evening strolls.

Take a look at their Amenities Map

Tennis, soccer fields volleyball fields , fishing lakes, splash pad and pools there is also
reduced cost rentals on all the community centers

A strong sense of community makes these areas feel like home from the moment you move in. Power ranch has community events and I know a few friends and family members live in this community and their Halloween is always packed with parties and friendly kids out trick or treating which lets me know there are a ton of littles in this neighborhood for your kids to make friends with!

Val Vista Lakes Community


In this community the Beach Pool and Clubhouse are super popular amenities. There is also tennis courts , racquetball courts, a gym. Also there is a Community Garden and Rose Garden. Of course the draw here are the lakes !  You can fish from different access points and as far as the community engagement, this neighborhood demographic is older so I would categorize this as an established community some of the homes here will need updating but the location is close to fun things like the Riparian Preserve and library as well as the freestone park and community center which is fun to have access to with little ones.

Morrison Ranch

The thing about Morrison ranch is they don’t have community pools or the super huge fun amenities like Eastmark but here you are getting a different feel – Green spaces and parks are the heart of this community, offering endless opportunities for outdoor fun and family picnics.

And as far as traditions go there is a sense that these neighbors come together during the holidays which are filled with opportunities to meet new neighbors and create memories and friendships. McCormick street puts together an amazing display of lights that draws in a huge crowd from the area! Super fun to look at and donations are given to charity

Oasis Park and Gilbert Regional Communities

This last area is not a specific community but an area that is close to this amazing parks! These Modern playgrounds and splash pads ensure that kids of all ages have a safe and fun place to play and make new friends. My kids love to visit these playgrounds and all the options available here to make some amazing memories. The homes in this area range from the 500’s to the 1 million  so a big gap in demographics but if you are open to being a little further south then prices tend to come down as you are in the outskirts of the big city. 

If you want to get updates on homes for sale in any of these neighborhoods or want to see what your home could sell for if you already live inside any of these 5 areas you can request a detailed home price analysis or set up a search by clicking here. Of course if you have any questions about The East Valley , Arizona or any other areas around the Phoenix Metro feel free to drop me a comment, send me an email or give me a call. I’m happy to give you the local insight !



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