moving to Phoenix Arizona, Specifically The East Valley?

what you Need to Know Before Moving To the East Valley

Do not even think about moving here without first understanding these 5 things you may end up hating about our desert lifestyle. I’ve lived in the East Valley for most of my life and know a thing or two about this area. If you are considering making a move to our state because you’ve heard how affordable housing is… I urge you to keep reading… or watch the video below.

Here’s what you’ll learn in this video:
● A sneaky little native plant to avoid while exploring in our deserts.
● One thing you MUST verify you own before making the move to our cities.
● An often overlooked detail that can make or break the deal when picking a neighborhood in the East Valley.
● I’ll explain our extreme heat which will determine if you are cut out to live here.

5 red flags

The East Valley has been my home now for more than 20 years and I can give you the scoop about each of our cities and unique traits. While I love our area, I must admit there are a few things that are possible deal breakers for many people. This might not be exciting to talk about but I would rather you know now then regret your move later on. 

Arizona Desert

What brings people to this state? Historically is has been necessity Read about our migration patterns and history here but these days … there are so many options. Why live somewhere that is not the best choice for you? 

I want you to be prepared for the annoying part of living here or explain some things and quirks that you might not otherwise hear from others who live in this sunny state.

The reasons that you may break the deal on Arizona living

  • The Metro’s Size -The Phoenix metro area is huge!!!  As of 2021, the combined population of the cities in the Phoenix metro was 4.8 million people – In the last decade, we have increased our population by 11.2% and there is no sign of growth slowing down. We love that our cities are evolving and growing but the amount of changes and improvements have increased to the point that we are now one of the Largest Metro areas in the Nation. For long term Arizona residents or locals might have gotten a bit overwhelming.  In order to narrow down your attention on one particular area of the Valley I recommend researching the cities that interest you first before getting here. This will allow you to not feel like a tourist and more like a home shopper …be Prepared to spend time in different parts of the cities you chose… this will allow you to recognize if those areas are a good fit for you, considering your likes and lifestyle

  • Not a walkable Metro – The cities in the East valley tend to grow OUT instead of up, access to public transportation and the light rail in Mesa and Tempe is available but the larger part of the population is utilizing their own cars to get around. If you are going to live in the East valley It’s ideal to have a car. This is most important if you are going to be commuting to a different city for work or school. It’s important to pay attention to commute times when deciding on an area , make sure you check the estimated time for traveling going to and from work as the traffic tends to bottleneck near some areas. This is a pain point for those who live in the outskirts as commute times can be in the 40-60 min. hour range depending on where in the valley you are headed. The larger cities in the Phoenix metro generally experience traffic especially during rush hours. So I recommend to plan your commute with an added 10 -15 minutes if heading west during high traffic. The East Valley is a little less congested than Phoenix and Tempe … traffic does tend to get lighter the further east you head.

  • Winter Residents

    There is this fascinating phenomenon that occurs every fall – our Snowbirds arrive!! Arizona has been a hotspot for retirees for quite some time, because of our mild winters and the lack of humidity we are an attractive second home to many. These lovely folks migrate south during the winter months, they come to our sunny state escaping the snow and chilly weather from their hometown. We absolutely adore having them around.… but…. While we love our winter visitors, the influx of people during the colder months adds to the already high population and traffic. More people equals longer wait times and more congestions. There is also a rumor out there that Arizona drivers are “crazy drivers” my personal opinion is that locals know and take advantage of the HOV lane so you might want to check the plates because many are just visiting — Be prepared for longer wait times an leisurely drivers during the winter months.

  • The Climate- In case you didn’t know Phoenix is smack dab in the middle of a Desert!! And Deserts get hot! One way to explain this is to Imagine a fireplace… now imagine you’re standing a few feet away from the flames. – that’s what our dry summers feel like. We’re talking triple digits most days during the thick of it summer. The upside is that we are both well-equipped to navigate the heat and the short 3 months that is unbearable can be use as a reverse winter. Just stay indoors whenever possible. Crank the A/C for the duration of summer in order to be comfortable. You can keep your home at a temperature that is comfortable to you. As the weather reaches these extreme temps we also tend to modify our activities- we stay inside OR make good use of our pools.. It’s not this extreme all year long it does cool down during October and doesn’t start to get super hot until May. So you got a good 7 months of perfect sunny weather and hey!! You won’t ever have to worry about shoveling snow or scraping ice off your windshield– or many of the other weather scares the rest of the country is used to like tornados and hurricanes. Arizona is so safe!

    If you did move here and are now regretting it due to the weather just know it can get some getting used to. To be honest, some never truly get used to this kind of heat. With temperatures soaring into the 120s, it’s essential to stay hydrated, wear sunscreen, and find indoor activities during the summer months.

  • We can be a bit prickly- If you’re a nature lover, you might find the East Valley to be a bit more dangerous compared to other areas. The desert landscape is predominant and with it is the likelihood you may encounter one of these along your path , you might be thinking I’m going to say a scorpion or even a rattlesnake but while these are also painful . The majority of people are familiar with these kinds of desert landmines. I do recommend you prepared for these critters. Please do watch out for those too and get to a hospital if you are bitten by a rattlesnake as they are poisonous. But it’s not those I want to warn you about … what I am talking about is one I have seen way too many people be surprised by. The result of getting too close to this cactus is painful. It’s called the Cholla cactus nicknamed the jumping cactus!!! These little suckers have a tendency to cling on to anything that gets too close.  and if you are attacked by one it’s a natural reaction to try and remove it by hand..bad idea! ! If you see one of these Cholla cactus while out in the East Valley best thing to do is to pause and look around for a better path…walk away slowly , and if you did happen to get in its way use a stick or some other tool to remove it !!

Not all Negatives :

So now that you know the 5 things you MAY not like about living in the East Valley you may be wondering if there are any redeeming qualities about this area of the Phoenix Metro.  And YES!! There are tons of reasons it is so popular. Most people that live in the East Valley LOVE this part of the Phoenix Metro, Click here where I’ll walk you through 10 top reasons “Why I enjoy living in the East Valley” I’ll let you in on what make this area such a hot spot for not just People but also Businesses moving here from other states.

If you want to get more familiar with each city check out these other pages I have dedicated to the Pros and Cons for each City in the East Valley link For  : Chandler, Tempe, Mesa, East Mesa , Queen Creek. Of course if you have any questions about The East Valley , Arizona or any other areas around the Phoenix Metro feel free to drop me a comment, send me an email or give me a call. I’m happy to give you the local insight when it comes to these citiesa

Don’t forget to be careful when exploring the desert. If you do find cactus and our desert fauna fascinating like I do. Visit our Botanical Garden  in Tempe to learn all about the different types of Cacti the Valley has to offer. 

Be Safe out there friends!

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